Registering a New Domain Name

Registering a New Domain Name

You can easily register a domain name online via the Get Started Client Area. Simply type in the domain name you wish to check in the text box after the www, select the extension/s you want to check (ie, .com or then click the Lookup button.

When the page reloads you will see the list of available  domains, and their prices. Some domains will also have an option for the length of the registration. Mark the checkbox next to any domain you would like to register, then click on the Order Now button to continue.

On domains that are unavailable, the WWW link will take you to that website, and the WHOIS link will take you to an information page on who currently owns the domain.

Some domain registrations will require additional information before we can process them. For instance, a .COM.AU domain requires the registrant to be an Australian registered company, or similar.

If you are not too comfortable using the online tools, we have some forms you can complete and return to us - you can email it through to, or fax the form to 1300 554 892.

Alternatively, you can always call us and we will be happy to walk you through what is needed.

Link to Domain Registration Form

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